Which generation uses their phone the most while driving? Our latest report will tell you

It’s no surprise that MENA’s Generation Z most aspire to own a luxury car someday, but did you know that they’re the age group who are least likely to use their phones while driving?

Narratiive has just released its Generational Lifestyles in MENA Report for 2017 which explores the internet use, mobile habits, household composition and financial trends of major age groups within the region. Though some results were slightly predictable, for example Millennial respondents in MENA believe making money is more important than spending time with friends and family, there were a lot of surprises – Generation Z respondents admitted to disliking shopping more than any other age group.

Further findings from the report reveal:

  • All generations access the internet from their smartphones the majority of the time

  • Generation X is the most worried about their debt

  • Most Baby Boomers get the majority of their news from the television

  • All generations value travelling more than starting or raising a family

To explore the full set of surprising results for yourself in our brand new interactive report, click ‘See It Now’ below:

generational lifestles report mena


Or watch this video summary:

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