UAE Online – December 2017

Find out everything you need to know about internet consumption in the UAE last month – including what their audience looks like, how they live and where they spend their time online – in our latest the UAE Online In December 2017 infographic.

Our monthly infographic shows you key online metrics such as:

  • How many unique browsers were online during December
  • The daily number of unique browsers that accessed the web
  • The percentage of unique browsers that accessed the web via their mobile
  • The total number of page views that occurred
  • The average duration of time the average visitor spent online in a single session

Demographic statistics such as:

  • The percentage of online users in particular professional positions
  • The portion of users in specific age groups
  • A comparison between users who live alone and as part of a couple
  • The percentage of users accessing the internet via their mobile device
  • The gender breakdown of users as a percentage

It then lists the top ten most popular websites in the UAE during the month of December, as ranked by unique browsers.

UAE Online December 2017.png

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