The Best Audience Data For Middle East and Africa Now Available On MediaMath

We’re excited to share that Narratiive data is now available through international programmatic company MediaMath via their open exchange platform.

MediaMath clients will now be able access Narratiive audience segments, which allow advertisers to target audiences in the Middle East and Africa whilst driving revenue back to local publishers.
This partnership with MediaMath caters to the increase in demand for audience data for the Middle East and Africa from advertisers and brands worldwide. This growth has been reflected in our data co-operative program for publishers, which provides a trusted avenue for the industry to penetrate emerging markets that have been previously hard to reach.
Over 150 segments are available on MediaMath, including:

  • Demographic Segments e.g. Age, Gender,
  • Nationality Segments e.g.  Emiratis, GCC Nationals, North Africa,
  • Category Segments e.g. Cooking, Personal Finance, Wedding, and
  • Modelled Intender Segments e.g. Luxury Cars, Home Loans, First Class Travellers.

Preview the Narratiive Audience Segments for MENA Taxonomy for a full list of available segments. Prices for the segments range from USD 75c – $2.00 per CPM.
Where does the data come from?

Through our data co-operative program, emPower, we’ve partnered with hundreds of local websites in the Middle East and Africa. emPower works by collecting valuable but anonymous audience data from these websites using cookies and pop-up demographic surveys and modelling it into segments. Over 540 websites currently participate in the emPower program, and earn up to 50% of the revenue share.
Where else can I access the data?

Narratiive audience segments are also available via DoubleClick and The Trade Desk.
Can I request a custom audience segment?

Yes. We currently build custom audience segments and they are highly effective in hypertargeting for special projects and campaigns. Contact for more information.

To find out how you can benefit from the emPower program as a publisher, advertiser or agency, contact us at or