South Africa Online May 2020

Top 10 Websites

Online traffic still sores above pre-COVID-19 levels but does show month on month decline.

This month on month decline across many of the top 10 sites was mostly due to fatigue in general COVID-19 related news. Instead, internet users consumed localized content on how and what they could do during the adjusted lockdown regulations. This meant internet users migrated from large news sites to smaller, more localized websites.

Top 10 Websites

Online traffic on domestic publishers continues to sore due to COVID-19, with people still using local publishers as their primary COVID-19 news source. Despite a month on month decline, traffic levels remain well above pre-COVID-19 levels. See the graph below:

Total monthly Unique Browsers

Top 10 interest audiences

News & Politics interests decline and drop to second place as people consume less breaking news around Covid-19. Music & Audio is the next biggest dropper in unique browsers as people get busier as lockdown restrictions ease. There is also a distinct drop in traffic around Personal Finance interest in line with people showing overall fatigue with COVID-19 related worries and stresses.

Top 10 interest audiences


Top 10 APPs

Here too we see a significant decline in traffic to large breaking news Apps in line with a decrease in consumption of COVID-19 breaking news.

Top 10 APPs

Top 10 month on month % change

Reasons behind significant fluctuations

Overall, we see the sites with the most significant month on month growth are the sites that are focused on hyper-localized news. These sites successfully covered topics like where and how to renew your car license or localized lockdown regulations and COVID-19 stories. People are now looking for practical information to navigate their way out of lockdown and to understand further the changing risk-adjusted lockdown regulations.

Top 10 month on month percentage change


Top insights for the month

Age: 23.69% of the total market is aged 20 – 24  and 53.16% of all browsers are age 20 – 35
Average visit duration: 2 min 59 sec (-1,10%)
Frequency: 14.42 page views per unique browser ( 3.82%)
Device: 81.50% of traffic is from mobile phones (-2.65%)

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