South Africa Online June 2020

As some ‘normality’ returns to the economy, so do our browsing behaviours.

June 2020 traffic returns to pre-COVID traffic levels with approximately 970 million total page views being measured by Narratiive during June. This is down from the COVID-19 high of 1,3 billion page views in April and in line with the average monthly page views for 2019 of 1 billion page views. 

Browsers across Narratiive measured sites showed the strongest Interest in Business & Finance, Education, Automotive and Career content. This is in line with the opening of the economy with most businesses, schools and car sales opening and people now focusing on new career opportunities and jobs. 

As people head back to the office, we also see a 2% decline in mobile traffic from 82% to 80% of the total traffic generated on mobile devices. 

Top 10 websites

  • Traffic returns to pre-COVID-19 levels with total page views of approximately 970 million. This is in line with 2019 average of approximately 1 billion page views. In contrast, this is down from the COVID-19 highs of around 1,3 billion page views.
  • This results in a month on month decline across most of the top 10 sites but is expected as traffic reached record heights in April due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Since then, web traffic has returned to “normal” levels as people begin to adjust to life after the COVID-19 outbreak.


Top 10 interest audiences

  • Tech & Computing remains the largest interest category for content amongst readers on Narratiive measured websites.
  • Due to a decline in the overall month on month traffic, all the above interest categories had a corresponding decline too.
  • Business & Finance, Education, Automotive and Career were the best performing interest-categories with the lowest month on month decline in traffic. These interest topics are directly related to the economy opening up and specifically, the opening up of most businesses, schools, cars sales and people’s interest in jobs and careers.


Top 10 Apps

  • Apps experienced a similar trend to websites, with an overall drop in traffic.
  • MoneyWeb is new to the App list as they recently tagged their App and as such, do not record any month on month percentage change.


Top 10 month on month % change & reasons behind big fluctuations

  • Overall the most significant fluctuations were again on smaller, more localized news sites that had relatively, very successful articles which contributed significantly to their total traffic.
  • Examples of this are several restaurant re-opening stories on Eat Out, or Golf course reopening articles and coverage of the Gary Player legal dispute on Complete Golfer, to several localized crime stories in smaller community news sites and a truck burning on the N3 covered by FreightNews.


Top insights for the month



Age | 23.18% of the total market is aged 20 – 24 & 52.46% of all browsers are 20 – 35

Duration | Average visit duration: 2 min 58 sec ( -0,56%)

Frequency | 14.17 page views per unique browser ( -1.73%)

Device | 80.22%


This report is produced by Narratiive in partnership with the IAB South Africa and is based on data collected from a footprint of sites which are tagged with the Narratiive code. Any use of this data or content is prohibited without prior consent from Narratiive. For requests to use this content or for more information about Narratiive’s measurement and please contact

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