South Africa Ecommerce 2017 Report

The South Africa Ecommerce 2017 Report will appeal to any brand, retail, or digital marketer looking to understand the attitudes, preferences, and online shopping habits of South Africans.

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As our most widely-read report of 2016, the 2017 edition promises to offer a unique insight into the mentality and motivations behind online and in-store shopping. The report reveals increasing trends in online shopping as well as highlights which age group is behind the momentous movement to online stores.

This report also covers:

  • Demographic profiles of South African online shoppers and non-online shoppers
  • Internet usage and device usage
  • Other online activities of online shoppers
  • Frequency of online shopping and types of products purchased
  • Attitudes towards payment options, delivery times, and fees and returns
  • The impact of product reviews and price comparison websites on online shoppers
  • Drivers to increase online shopping frequency

This comprehensive E-Commerce report is a must-read for all South African brands, publishers and agencies. Download your free copy by clicking the button below.


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