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Verify is designed to verify the identity of an individual, including their name, address and telephone number.

This product was developed specifically for the purpose of supporting the identity verification market and allows you to perform an automated risk-based assessment of whether the information provided is true according to our current databases.

A summary of the features are listed below:

Best of breed technology

Acceleon uses leading parsing and matching technology that ensures our searches are far-reaching and as accurate as possible.

Easy integration

Acceleon Verify is simple to set up and incredibly easy to integrate with using RESTful API technology.

Rapid response

Acceleon Verify is fast, providing results in typically less than a second. This is supported by the fact that it is not dependent upon external third parties.

Comprehensive & secure databases

Verify accesses the most complete range of legally available data sources in the industry:

  • Acceleon Public Number Directory is derived from the Integrated Public Number Database (IPND) and provides the most current and complete Residential and  Business telephone directory available.
  • Publicly Available Consumer Database provides access to aggregated lists of 8 million current records of publicly available consumer/residential data.  This database is constantly updated for currency.
  • Acceleon Consumer Data Pool is an aggregated database of some of Australia’s largest consumer direct marketing companies. This database is constantly checked for currency to ensure that only the best verification outcomes are achieved.