Managing Social integrations as a Provider

This article will help you to understand about Social integrations

Are Social integrations mandatory?

Highly recommended but not mandatory: Profiles with integrations are more valued by Marketers.

Can Social Properties not owned by/related to my brand be integrated to my Marketplace Profile?

No. The integration process is specific to the URL of each Social property and requires authentication process.

Are my Social credentials stored on the Narratiive Marketplace?

No. The integration uses automated processes held by the Social providers that only authenticates the reading of key metrics.

Social integrations allow Narratiive to post on my behalf?

No. Permissions are restricted to only read key metrics of the Social properties and display those on your Profile.

Can Social integrations be removed?

Integrations are fully controlled by the Brand and can be disabled at any time on the Marketplace assets section.

Are the Social feeds and recent content images on my Profile dependent on completing Social integrations?

Feeds and recent content images do not require Social integrations to be showcased, only the Social property URLs.

Last reviewed: 20 Sep 2020 (AI)

Last updated: 20 Sep 2020 (AI)