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Locate Business Batch

Locate Business Batch allows clients to improve and append data to their commercial customer database.  Matching business databases can be a challenging proposition when considering the different names that the same business can use and the increased capacity for spelling and typographical errors in business names that have peculiar spellings.

Acceleon has developed business name matching logic, which standardises and matches business names using proprietary fuzzy matching techniques.  This coupled with complete current and historical business name and ABN reference file and the Acceleon Public Number Directory allow Acceleon to provide the most current and complete data quality platform for business databases.
Locate Business Batch matches primarily against the ABR of which Acceleon has been collecting a history from over the last eight years.  When a relevant match is found in the ABR, Acceleon will search for all current, historical, legal and trading names for the business in the Acceleon PND.
The Acceleon PND is derived from the IPND which is an ACMA regulated and Telstra managed telephone number database.  Every day Acceleon receives up to 30,000 telephone directory updates of newly listed or disconnected numbers.  
Business Batch logic applies a complex set of fuzzy match logic to determine whether two business names are the same. It attempts to read a business name as a human would make determinations that two business names are the same.  Examples include:
1) Merrill Lynch (Aust.) Pty Ltd will match with Merrill Lynch Australia Proprietary Limited.
2) William Buck (QLD) Pty Ltd will match with William Buck Queensland Services Proprietary Limited.
3) Bayside News will match with Bayside Newsagency.
Further to this, the system will then link the ABR record to the PND using all of the legal and trading names for the business.  This is particularly useful for businesses that trade under names other than their legal name and for sole traders who operate from home and have a residential telephone line.
The system requires that data be presented in a fixed comma delimited text file format.  Results will be returned either in comma-delimited text files or an Excel spreadsheet based on user preference.
The user can present up to two business names per record and an ABN as well as up to three phone numbers per record for confirmation.
They can be loaded into the system via the Acceleon web site or directly through an SFTP server which is hosted in a secure, facility located in Australia.
When results are presented in a spreadsheet, a summary sheet is presented back to the user which helps the user understand the overall results of the batch job.

Record Validity
The record validity advises the user whether the data originally provided could be used at all. For example, if no business name or ABN was supplied, then no searches could be performed on a record and therefore is deemed to be invalid.

Input Data – Address Quality
This refers to the address quality provided.  As a general rule, the higher the address quality the better the match rates will be.  If the address is real according to the G-NAF database, then it is more likely to have a telephone number listed against it.

Match Summary
The match summary advises how many records matched against the ABR and how many were able to be linked through to the Acceleon PND.

The Business Matching summary advises how many records were matched using the business name or ABN. The ABN append advises how many ABNs were confirmed versus new ABNs provided.
The Phone Numbers summary advises the number of new and confirmed phone numbers. Each is separated into the type of PND search result:
1) Direct implies that the business name supplied was used to match against the PND.
2) Link-Business shows that an alternate business name was used to find the business in the PND.
3) Link-Residential provides a residential PND record for the business which is linked from the ABR business name through to a sole trader personal name.
Match Quality
Provides a breakdown of how the degree of quality of the matches that were returned.

Other Match Results
This provides some additional information relating to the registration status and GST registration status of the businesses according to the ABR.