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Locate 2022

Locate has become the default tool for searching and locating consumers and businesses. It does so by linking and cross-referencing a range of current and historical data sources, as well as utilising tools that assist in locating and tracing people and businesses.

This product was developed specifically for the purpose of supporting the mercantile agent, investigative and finance industries, as well as accounts receivables departments across the country. We combine results from a range of sources to provide up to date information about your customers.

Locate presents a web-based user interface to allow users to quickly and efficiently find lost customers. It implements a variety of features to ensure that the user retrieves the most up to date records as quickly as possible.

A summary of features is below:

Easy to use and fully integrated search functionality

Acceleon Locate features an easy to use interface that allows users to enter basic information in natural language format that the system will automatically interpret to return the most relevant results.

Searches are automatically performed against multiple data sources at once and are aggregated into a single, merged list for easy viewing.

Additional helpful information at your fingertips

Every record that is presented by the system contains a wealth of secondary information that can be instantly accessed by clicking on the tabs above the selected record. These are described below:

Other occupants | provides users with a list of people that currently live at the address of interest.

The timeline | provides a graphical representation of an individual and an address, including a history of the person’s movements along with a history of all occupants that have occupied the address of interest.

ABR | returns an Australian Business Register business name search on the current record.

Payment Profile | provides information based on the social profile for the current address.  This data has been provided to help researchers tailor their communication strategy with the customer.  The social profile includes indicators such as Disposable Income, Debt Service Ratio, Financial Distress, Renting – All Types, Renting – State Housing, Pawned/Sold Something for Money, and Cultural Diversity.

Leads | provides alternate phone numbers and addresses for the current person using advanced proximity heuristics and historical movement analysis.  Acceleon believes that this will be a powerful tool in helping researchers locate their customer.  This functionality employs proprietary technology to search, score and rank candidates to provide the most likely candidates first.

Full range of data sources

Locate accesses the most complete range of legally available data sources in the industry:

Acceleon Public Number Directory: is derived from the Integrated Public Number Database (IPND) and provides the most current and complete Residential and Business telephone directory available.

Publicly Available Consumer Database: provides access to aggregated lists of over 16 million current records of publicly available consumer/residential data.  This database is constantly updated for currency.

Acceleon Consumer Data Pool: is an aggregated database including some of Australia’s largest consumer direct marketing companies.

As an ASIC Information Broker, Acceleon is able to search the ASIC Company and Business Name registers to provide the following extracts:

  • Current Company Extracts
  • Current and Historical Company Extracts
  • Personal Extracts for Directors and Shareholders
  • Current Business Name Extracts
  • Current and Historical Business Name Extracts
  • Roles and Relationship Extracts

History database contains over 20 years of historical data and well over 300 million records that are updated regularly. Our history file is the largest and most comprehensive legal data set in the Australian market.

RDA Research who provide payment profile information to determine the demographics of the area that is being searched. This information is exclusively tailored for the mercantile industry.

Google Maps and Google Street View to provide a geographical representation of the area and an image of the property that is being investigated.

ABN Lookup (ABR) helps cross-reference and link the current & historical and legal & trading names and will often link a business name to a sole trader. It also includes ABN and GST registration dates. Acceleon has a 9-year history of this data, allowing matching to be performed across a broader timeline than available in the default database.