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How does Acceleon obtain its data?

Acceleon is an authorised subscriber to the ACMA administered IPND scheme and publishes its own telephone directory. Further, we obtain data from publicly available telephone directories and third-party data suppliers.
How can we be sure Acceleon is data compliant?
Acceleon has received comprehensive legal advice in respect of the handling of its data. Our data is sourced from publicly available datasets, marketing data, and other legislated data sources and is obtained in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth). We maintain high standards of how we collect, hold, maintain and use personal information, specifically within the Australian legislative framework – refer to our Privacy Policy (www.acceleon.com.au).
What can I use Acceleon’s data for?
The premise of operation for Acceleon’s offerings is that the user knows their client and will be using our products as data cleansing tools, and not for prospecting or as a list sales’ tool.
How do Acceleon’s third-party data suppliers get their data?
Through electronic means via various campaigns and competitions in the public domain. 
What obligations does Acceleon impose on external third-party data suppliers to ensure data compliance?
Acceleon has warranties with each of its data suppliers to ensure that the data provided to us is privacy compliant. Our clients are provided with an example of these contracts. It is up to our customer to decide whether the use of the data falls within their own compliance framework and encouraged to seek their own legal advice.
How has an individual consented to their data being shared with third parties?
When an individual enters their personal details through these campaigns and competitions, they agree to a Privacy Policy that allows the data supplier to capture the data and supply it to third parties. Our clients are provided with an example of these contracts.
What if I want my details removed from Acceleon’s database?
Send us feedback via our website, under the Contact Us section, and we will action the deletion of your details from our databases. 
What about the removal of my details from other data sources?
Acceleon also provides removal requests to its third-party data suppliers for them to action the removal of your personal details from their records. If your data was provided to us via the Integrated Public Number Database (IPND), you will need to contact your carrier service provider and request your details to be removed from the IPND.
My details are on the Do Not Call Register (DNCR) – why am I still receiving calls from companies using your data?
The DNCR is for businesses undertaking telephone or fax marketing to Australian consumers. Since Acceleon is only the provider of data, we are not required to check records on the DNCR. For more information on how the DNCR works and who is the DNCR is for, please visit the DNCR website https://www.donotcall.gov.au/
What else do you do to ensure proper data governance?
As an ACMA (Australian Communications Media Authority) authorised IPND subscriber since 2011, Acceleon complies with the Australian Privacy Act 1988, the Australian Privacy Principles, and we must adhere to specific legislation being the Telecommunications Integrated Public Number Database (IPND) Scheme 2007 under the Telecommunications Act. We also fund third party audits of our usage on the IPND and associated products to maintain our compliance.
Additionally, as an authorised ASIC (Australian Securities and Investment Commission) Broker, we provide yearly certification of compliance to standards as governed by ASIC under the Federal ASIC Act 2001.