Exporting Query Results

If you're on our Advanced or Enterprise plans, you can export query results to several standard data formats. This enables you to perform advanced analysis on the query, and to retain a point-in-time record of the results.

Query results can be exported to three formats:

  • CSV - Several CSV files, each representing a market and/or target filter, compressed into a single ZIP archive.
  • Excel - A single XLSX file, with tabs representing each market and/or target filter.
  • JSON - A single JSON file, with arrays representing each market and/or target filter.

Keep in mind

  • Exports are available to teams on our Advanced and Enterprise plans.

Creating a custom list

You can export the results from any query.

  1. Select Export from the top right of the query slide.
  2. Select your preferred format.

The export will be downloaded to your computer as a file in the chosen format. If you can't find the file, check your Downloads folder and your desktop.

Last reviewed: 31 Jul 2018 (AP)

Last updated: 31 Jul 2018 (AP)