Marketing Cloud
Marketing Cloud

Marketing Cloud Overview

Marketing Cloud is a data co-operative for publishers in emerging markets. Through Marketing Cloud, publishers can monetise their audience data and earn a new stream of revenue from international agencies in the programmatic advertising industry.


Once a publisher installs the Narratiive tracking code on their website and opts in to the co-operative, the code launches demographic surveys and collects behavioural data by tracking site browsing. We use this data to create anonymous audience segments that advertisers can use for targeted programmatic advertising.

Revenue Model

The publisher revenue share is based on the percentage contribution to the total regional Unique Browsers to the data pool. Unique Browsers are calculated by Narratiive and reported in our Audience Measurement Dashboard.

e.g. If a publisher contributes 10% of the month's regional Unique Browsers, then that publisher will receive 10% of the publisher revenue share.

We provide quarterly revenue generation reports for transparency.


Marketing Cloud is currently available to publishers and websites in MENA and Africa.

Segment Types

There are three types of Marketing Cloud audience segments and they are all built with different data collection methods.

  1. Demographic audience segments are created using onsite surveys to build segments such as gender, age and nationality.
  2. Online behaviour segments are created using audience site browsing behaviour to build segments such as sports, female lifestyle and fashion categories.
  3. Intention to purchase segments are created using selected eCommerce sites and using product/brand-based site browsing to build segments such as BMW Series-3 IntenderiPhone Intender and Property Purchase Intender.

All our audience segments are available to advertisers through  DoubleClick, Adform, Salesforce, Lotame, The Trade Desk, and MediaMath.

Data Privacy

Any data opted into Marketing Cloud follows strict data collection protocols.

  • We do not collect any personally identifiable information.
  • All data collected for Marketing Cloud is aggregated and anonymised to ensure there is no cannibalisation of the publishers' existing revenue.
  • All data is current and fresh.  Cookie data on Marketing Cloud expires every 30 days, so a cookie we picked up several months ago won't be included unless it has been refreshed.
  • We adhere to international data collection standards and we are accredited by the Audit Bureau of Circulations (ABC) South Africa.
  • If a publisher decides to opt-out of Marketing Cloud, we will not use that site’s data.