Commencing your publisher trial

We’re excited that you’ve decided to tag up and try out Narratiive to support your ad sales and provide audience insights.

This brief article covers off some key points that you should be aware of to get the most out of your trial.

📝 Starting your trial

Your trial will begin once you've tagged your site and we've confirmed we're receiving traffic.

Be sure to email each time you tag a new site or asset so we can ensure it's properly configured and presented in the Narratiive dashboard.

🏷 Tagging your site

You will need to add the Narratiive tracking tag to all content pages of your website.

First, visit our Getting the tracking tag article and make a copy of the tag most applicable to your region.

Second, follow the instructions in our Tagging your website article to add the tag to your site and ensure that your website's traffic is properly recorded. 

📲 Tagging your other assets

We have measurement solutions for WordPress, Facebook Instant Articles, Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), dynamic content, and iOS and Android apps.

If you'd like to measure any of these platforms, take a look at our Tagging your assets articles for full details.

🏫 Learning the dashboard

Once your site is tagged, it will take a day or so for us to collect enough traffic to show your sites in the dashboard.

During this time, take the opportunity to learn how to use Narratiive by visiting the Welcome to Narratiive site, where we have articles and videos covering all the common training questions.

💾 Understanding how your data is treated

👤 Demographic Surveys

The demographic information you see in the dashboard is fuelled by our survey technology. You can find more information on our Survey Methodology article.

Running surveys is optional during your trial period, though doing so will provide you with richer demographic insights about your audience.

🕶 Visibility to Market

Insight about your site will only be visible to you until you have had the opportunity to review your data and confirm with us that you are happy to make your site visible to the market (i.e. advertisers and agencies).

💵 Data Cooperative

Narratiive operates a data co-operative, which allows publishers to opt-in to monetise their audience data and earn a new stream of revenue from international agencies in the programmatic advertising industry.

Per our terms of service (see Schedule 1 - emPower Services), whilst on trial, you remain opted-out and your data will not be included. Future inclusion can be discussed with your account manager at the conclusion of your trial.

🇪🇺 GDPR Compliance

Narratiive is compliant with the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). You can find more information on our GDPR Compliance page.