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The primary objective of the Client Connector is to help businesses to rediscover their existing customers and establish new modes of communication with them.
Client Connector allows you to upload your customer database and receive a complete file in return containing new addresses, phone numbers and email addresses. 
The system has a significant advantage over most data cleansing systems in that it accesses a variety of high-quality reference databases to improve the currency & consistency of your database as well as appending & confirming details of an existing client list.
Ease of use
To immediately improve the quality of your customer database, simply drag and drop a spreadsheet or text file to the user interface.  Ensure that you keep your customer identifiers so that you can match them back to your original database.

The product will allow you to easily map each column into fields that the system can understand. We will take care of the rest.

Full range of data sources
Client Connector provides automated access to the following data sources:
1) Acceleon Public Number Directory is derived from the Integrated Public Number Directory, which is governed by ACMA under the Telecommunications Act and managed by Telstra.  It provides the most current and complete Residential and Business telephone directory available. Telecommunications Industry participants are obliged to add entries to the IPND and it is updated daily.  
2) Acceleon Consumer Data Pool is an aggregated database including some of Australia’s largest consumer direct marketing companies.  It includes Name, Address, Mobile Phone, email addresses and landlines many of which are not listed in telephone directories.
3) Publicly Available Consumer Database provides access to aggregated lists of 8 million current records of publicly available consumer/residential data.  This database is constantly updated for currency.
4) History Database contains over 20 years of historical data and well over 300 million records that are updated regularly. Our history file is the largest and most comprehensive legal data set in the Australian market.
5) ABN Lookup (ABR) helps cross-reference and link the current & historical and legal & trading names and will often link a business name to a sole trader. It also includes ABN and GST registration dates. Acceleon has a 9-year history of this data, allowing matching to be performed across a broader timeline than available in the default database. 
6) Acceleon Business Data Pool is an aggregation of business data from some of the largest business data marketing service providers across the country.  It only includes listings that have been verified by at least two independent data sources.
It contains information such as ABN, ACN, business name, address, phone numbers, email addresses, ANZSIC codes, business categories and includes business stakeholders. It currently includes over 1.7 million confirmed listings.
Using these reference databases Client Connector will determine a classification (business or residential) for each record and produce a record that will optimise your chance of maintaining a line of communication with your customers. 
Data Quality Report 
Once Client Connector has finished its work, it will produce a summary report presenting the following information:
Metrics of your customer database 

Determining the currency of your customer database

Highlighting the classification (business or residential)

Counting the number of new contact points that the system can provide

How many records came back with an ABN

The summary report will allow you to determine whether you would like to purchase the results. On purchase of the results, you will be returned a spreadsheet with the original data and confirmed and appended results, which you can then load back into your system.