Measure and show your relevance in the market.

Dig into the numbers behind your channels and see how they’re performing with data from Narratiive Workspaces. Then use these results to show brands and marketers what makes you such a strong partnership option.


See what Workspaces can do for you.

Narratiive Workspaces provides relevant insights about the performance and audience profile of portals, sites, apps and other channels.

  • Quickly and easily find where you rank in key metrics based on country, category, demographic and more.

  • Compare yourself to other players in the market based on your chosen parameters.

  • Discover and review the latest digital trends.

  • Use dashboards to analyse your chosen metrics and build a clearer picture of your partnerships credentials.

Get the full picture

  • Validate your strengths

    See where you rank in key marketing areas and quantify what makes you and your platforms such strong partnership options.

  • Know your audience – for real

    Get a clearer idea of your audience personas and appeal to appropriate brand and marketing partners with specific goals and target markets.

  • Get noticed quickly

    Be visible to brands and marketers willing to partner directly with you and your properties.

  • Market and competitor insights

    Up-to-date market metrics with a clear panoramic view of your category and competitors at your fingertips through the Narratiive Workspaces.


Workspaces is the place for you to…

  • # 1

    Improve your benchmarking so you can set concrete targets that shape your content and audience acquisition strategies.

  • # 2

    Use audience insights to make better decisions about what you publish and who you partner with, so you can be even more valuable to brands and marketers.

  • # 3

    Build reports to present to stakeholders that help you make strategic decisions about content, spending, share of audience and more.

  • # 4

    Focus on key improvement areas based on how you stack up to other publishers and platforms in the same categories, interests and markets.