Unlock new revenue opportunities with Surveys.  

Get the most value out of your digital footprint. When you host surveys for brands and marketers, you get a new revenue stream and partnership appeal that goes far beyond pure media or advertising.


Provide strategic value with the right answers.

Use your unsold inventory and content paywalls to host surveys for brands and marketers, earning revenue each time a visitor answers a survey.

  • Stay in full control: opt-in to survey projects that align with your interests and choose where to host them, as well as how many and how long.

  • Integrate survey scheduling with other campaigns.

  • Complete transparency: revenue share is disclosed with you, and you’ll have 24/7 access to your performance.

  • Get paid for every completed survey.

Diversify your revenue streams with surveys.

  • Easy to use

    Just opt in, choose which inventory to allocate and which campaigns to host. You can pick existing projects or even white-label our survey technology.

  • Clarity and control

    Narratiive Surveys work on an opt-in basis. You can see all the details – from survey content to potential revenue – in advance and choose the opportunities that best fit your criteria, goals and audience profile.

  • Boost your bottom line

    Get greater yield and returns on your remnant ad inventory and paywalls.

  • Attract new partners

    Develop another way to connect with blue chip brands and marketers.


Surveys will enable you to…

  • # 1

    Become a more appealing partner by offering brands a way to collect valuable customer insights.

  • # 2

    Enhance your strategic offerings with the benefit of increased revenue from your inventory.

  • # 3

    Start conversations with respected brands, using unique insights from your audience’s answers.

  • # 4

    Make more from your inventory rather than sacrificing it as remnant ads.