More revenue to Publishers, delivered.

Carbon is an end-to-end Revenue Management Platform (RMP) that unlocks the complex relationship between audience, content and revenue, enabling more profitable content, buy-side and sell-side strategies.


Audiences, content, automation. More revenue.

Built for publishers, one platform that enables you to measure, manage and monetize your audiences and content in real-time.

  • Decode the complex relationship between Revenue, Audience & Context to unlock your revenue DNA.

  • Outputs that matter, contributing to KPIs such as audience & data growth and ultimately revenue.

  • A team of data scientists influencing every aspect: from how we ingest, process and score data, to how we optimize yields.

  • Privacy by design principles fully embedded. Members of the IAB and NAI (Network Advertising Initiative).

Audience Analytics. Data Management. Real Monetization.

  • More addressable audiences

    Create more addressable audiences to increase the value of your inventory and attract more direct media buys & PMPs.

  • Improved yields & revenue

    Higher CPMs and improved yields by filling your premium inventory with addressable audiences.

  • Complete transparency

    Audience & revenue reporting to show the content, audiences and partners driving results to fuel further optimisation and deals.

  • Speed & scalability

    Combining edge, cloud and server infrastructure with AI to ensure audiences can be built & activated as quick as needed.


Use Carbon RMP to…

  • # 1

    Sell more direct & PMP deals: empower your sales team with the machine driven intelligence and tools to Identify and showcase your advertisers’ most valuable audiences.

  • # 2

    1st party audience breakdowns: demographics, scored intent, brand engagements and much more, overlaid with context and revenue data to identify high performing audiences.

  • # 3

    Intelligent audience creation: using machine driven automation or our easy-to-use audience builder, create & activate higher performing & more valuable audiences for advertisers from within the RMP.

  • # 4

    Increased fill rates and CPMs: revenue analytics combined with 1st party audience analytics fuels optimization for the highest CPMs available and to maximize fill rates.