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This is the place for publishers, networks, Adtech providers, content, eCommerce platforms, influencers and any other digital provider to showcase their full value and connect with brands. Show why you’re the right solution to partner with.


See the Marketplace in action.

It’s time for everybody to know what you have to offer. The Narratiive Marketplace helps you connect with brands and marketers to build strong partnerships.

  • Clearly showcase all of your channels and offerings.

  • Demonstrate your strengths for prospective partners.

  • Share key information about your properties to generate business.

  • Be in front of an active audience of buyers and prospects, 24/7.

Attract better partnerships and more revenue.

  • Be reached

    Your contact information is always available to interested customers on the Marketplace, and they can get in touch with you directly through the platform.

  • Be easy to find

    Users can find you when searching for supply type, covered markets, categories, channels, interests and even directly by your properties’ names. It’s always simple for any potential partner to discover you.

  • Get up and running quickly

    It takes less than 10 minutes to create a profile and join the Marketplace.

  • All your offerings in one place

    Quickly and easily present the information that matters the most from all your properties – apps, websites, social channels and more – right here.


The Marketplace will help you…

  • # 1

    Connect with brands and marketers whose goals align with your audiences and capabilities.

  • # 2

    Save time and money on your own marketing by staying visible to potential partners at all times.

  • # 3

    Give your audience metrics meaning and show how you can help brands and marketers achieve their business objectives.

  • # 4

    Build a better strategy based on how you stack up to peer publishers and platforms in the same categories, interests and markets.