Expand your earning power with Audiences.

Monetise your traffic in a new, smarter way. Narratiive Audiences is an anonymous, safe data co-operative featuring top-tier publishers from Middle East and Africa. It creates more than 700 advertiser-ready audience targeting segments and a new revenue stream for you.


Advertising revenue, done differently.

The Narratiive data co-operative provides an alternative to the standard ad and inventory sales model by creating an anonymised collective data offering for brands and marketing agencies looking for the most effective ways to deploy their Programmatic spend.

  • Data is aggregated from several publishers and processed with advanced machine learning and AI modelling.

  • All audience information stays secure and anonymised.

  • Data is processed, transformed and sorted into DSP-ready segments for easier use.

  • Segments are displayed to hundreds of potential advertising partners.

Put your audience to work and increase your yield.

  • No competition with your ad sales

    All data is securely anonymised and aggregated from a range of top-tier publishers, so brands and marketers can’t skip over you to market directly to your users and customers.

  • Enter new arenas

    Get a piece of the revenues from the Programmatic pie as brands and marketers use data for audience targeting in emerging markets.

  • Exponential revenue

    You can be part of multiple segments, creating a multiplier effect for your revenue opportunities regardless of your total audience size.

  • Easy to use

    Opt-in and implement a Narratiive JavaScript website tag to get started.


Join Narratiive Audiences to…

  • # 1

    Hit revenue targets by diversifying your earning streams and going beyond traditional advertising.

  • # 2

    Get more value from your audience by multiplying the yield per active user on your properties.

  • # 3

    Monetise your audience as a different type of asset, opening up new opportunities.

  • # 4

    Expand the ways you can get revenue from the Programmatic pie, including DSPs, DMPs, CDPs and Trading Desks.