Publisher Profile: Rinnoo

We speak to Rinnoo, the most accurate bilingual places directory in the Middle East about what they’re doing in terms of advertising in our latest publisher profile.

201704 pub rinnoo.png

Tell us about the digital media property you represent – what is your point of difference? is the most accurate bilingual places directory in the Middle East. We launched with Kuwait’s directory back in 2012, and since have expanded to the UAE and Lebanon in 2016, with an ambition to cover more MENA countries in the future. 

What makes us different? Our website data is entered and audited manually by a professional team based on reliable and trusted sources only without accepting any data from the public, unlike other well-known international directories.

Our content quality is the reason for our progressive reputation, whereby we achieved 8.2 million visits and 15.4 million pageviews since we started – that’s 307 thousand unique browsers and 739 thousand pageviews monthly.


Tell us about your audience. Has it changed over the last year?

Since its launch, Rinnoo has attracted consumers who want to buy a product or visit a place for shopping or leisure – so it’s normal for people to refer to Rinnoo before deciding where to spend their time and money.

Over the last year, traffic has increased by 83% from 2.3 million to 4.3 million visits.

But what’s actually changed is that we are now more capable of measuring the real market trends reflected on the visited pages of our website. We can know the most searched and favourite bakeries during Ramadan, the best delivery restaurants for after midnight, or the most called company during a certain day.

We can proudly say that we have a great base of quality users who contribute directly and indirectly to economic growth.


What are you doing in terms of advertising?

We mainly display programmatic ads where well-known brands are currently targeting us through Google AdSense. We also run direct advertising campaigns that include monthly or CPM banners in addition to all the latest advertising solutions as Popups, Corner Peels, Cat Fish, Sticky Footer, Take Over, and many more.

Besides regular advertising solutions, companies also choose to sponsor their listing on Rinnoo’s directory by showing it before other search results. They can also promote their sponsored articles and news stories to expose it to many thousands of our daily readers.

There are many opportunities and methods of advertising with Rinnoo.


What do you use Narratiive for? What value do you get out of our products?

We use Narratiive to stay up to date with the market, and to see how we are performing compared to other websites in the industry.

It’s important to always know how other websites are performing, to have a good overview of the market, and to know where trends and technology are heading.

Narratiive also keeps us competitive so that we always improve ourselves. It provides a chance for companies and agencies to measure the power and effectiveness of Rinnoo.


You can download the Sales Deck here.