Publisher Data Co-operative

Publisher Data


Intelligence you can monetize

Simple way to publishers to earn additional revenue

No inventory sales involved

No impact on your site

Revenue-generating data co-operative

Narratiive has the largest local data pool in the Middle East and Africa, with over 250 sites forming the region’s largest audience data pool to compete with the audience targeting capability of giant tech platforms. Join them and earn revenue.

Audience segments

Advertisers can buy Narratiive audience segments, which helps them to use the inventory to reach target audiences.

  Demographic segments e.g. Gender, Age

•  Interest e.g. Real Estate

•  Persona e.g. Double Income No Kids

•  Intent e.g. Luxury Cars Intender

What we do:

Additional Revenue

Joining does not affect your ad inventory sales. It is a completely separate revenue source, and ad inventory will not be available in exchanges.

Start using Narratiive by creating your free account and implementing the Narratiive tag on your website.

Data co-operative

Data is aggregated from opt-in publishers, which is modelled into audience segments. Qualifying publishers receive a revenue share.

Narratiive is a world leading audience measurement, modelling and verification company.

Combining deep expertise in machine learning & AI modelling with a wide range of partner data sets, we provide the market with a comprehensive, single view of user behaviour across websites, apps, connected TV & email campaigns.

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