Narratiive has sunset as of August 31st 2022

Our industry is entering into a seismic shift with Google Chrome dropping 3rd party cookies in future. This means 3rd party cookies will no longer operate on Google Chrome, Safari and Firefox browsers. Due to the almost complete coverage of these browsers, this makes 3rd party dependent tracking of internet readers across multiple websites obsolete. This has substantial impacts on both digital display advertising and audience measurement currencies which rely on 3rd party cookies to track people across the web.

With this, Narratiive has focused on future proofing our business and for the last two years have been working on a new product centred exclusively around zero and 1st party data collection.

After being a measurement partner to a number of regions for the last 10 years, we have made the difficult decision to sunset the Narratiive platform to focus all our attention and energy on our new product which does not include audience measurement functionality. We are so excited and committed to the success of this new product that we have opted to shut down Narratiive as of 31 August 2022 and launch our new product under a new brand called Harkle. This product focuses on leveraging internet readers’ propensity and willingness to answer questions about themselves in exchange for access to premium content on sites they trust and love – like yours.

After extensive discussions we concluded that Narratiive would be shut down on 31 August 2022 and any contracts that extend beyond that date will be eligible for a refund.

Our next steps are:

Your contract term: Our accounts team will be in touch with you regarding your contract end date and your potential refund should your contract extend beyond 31 August 2022.

Your refund: If you are eligible for a refund, our accounts team will raise a credit note and send this through to your accounts team. Once we receive the invoice and if your account is up to date we will settle this amount within 14 days.

emPower revenue: If you are currently opted in to Narratiive emPower programme (where we sell your audience data programmatically), this programme will shutdown on 31 August 2022 as well. As we rely on the demand partners to report on revenue earned, as soon as we get their reports, we will reconcile your earnings and request invoices for payment as soon as possible.

We thank you for your continued support over the last decade. We hope this is not goodbye as we would love to continue our relationship with you with our new products and services offered under Harkle. If you haven’t already been contacted we will reach out to discuss the Harkle offering with you in more detail.

Thank you for your support,

The Narratiive team.

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