Valuable customer insights, straight from the source.

Put the largest footprint of publishers in MENA and Sub-Saharan Africa to work for you, by running custom surveys. Collect information that can help you market smarter and more effectively.


The real power of custom surveys.

Scale up your surveying power with access to hundreds of trusted collection points across a range of digital channels.

  • Survey models that collect the data you need, the way you need it.

  • Non-interruptive experiences for users, driving higher response.

  • Choose from a huge collection of proven survey templates to simplify your work.

  • Enjoy an affordable pricing structure in which you only pay per survey answer.

Get answers to your most important questions.

  • Keep your finger on the pulse

    Check in with customers to stay updated on their wants and needs. See how they perceive your brand and tailor your marketing accordingly.

  • Gather insights from the right audience

    Use collected survey data to work with like-minded partners who attract your target audience.

  • Learn more about how you compare to competitors

    Quantify brand preference and favourability between you and other players in the market.

  • More information, faster

    Collect customer insights at scale quickly so you have more data to help shape your digital marketing efforts.


Narratiive Surveys will help you with…

  • # 1

    A/B test concepts, visuals, copies, product designs and offers.

  • # 2

    Establish benchmarks and measure brand performance, campaign impact and ad recall.

  • # 3

    Check in with customers about your visibility in the market. Do they remember seeing your campaign? Are they aware of certain products or offers?

  • # 4

    Retain customers by showing them you care about their input – surveys show their opinion matters to you.