Changes in SA women’s online browsing & purchases

finweek-logoThe IAB SA, in collaboration with Narratiive, has released the findings of its Women Online 2015 flash poll, just in time for Women’s Month. The poll seeks to gain further insight into the lifestyles of South African women, looking at issues such as online content preferences, purchasing habits, fashion and clothing, beauty, finances and lifestyle.

“The Women Online flash poll is an important resource for gaining insights into the online browsing & purchasing behaviour,” explains Josephine Buys, IAB SA CEO. “The findings show that women are using online throughout the path to purchase from inspiration and advice through to research and purchase. We also look at the interesting correlation between online and offline purchase behaviour.”

“The findings of the Women Online and similar polls are an important indicator for brands and businesses who are looking for insight into the wants, needs and lifestyle patterns of their target market so that they can remain relevant, desirable and top-of-mind.”
Key findings of the poll are as follows:

• The Women Online respondents are career orientated & financially savvy with 60% of respondents saving or investing some money every month. A further 44% of respondents said they are the largest contributor to the household finances.

• 69% identified themselves as they key decision maker for the daily household items. Significantly there is very high access to a range of financial products, with over half of all poll respondents having medical aid, life cover and car insurance – a very lucrative market.

• Women consumed a broad range of content. Not surprisingly, news was identified as the most popular content accessed “often” online. However, if we combine responses of people that accessed content often or occasionally then food was the most popular content. Interestingly enough when confronted by all this food content a significant 30% said that they use slimming preps to assist them in losing weight.

• The poll respondents are highly influential with almost 3 in 10 women sharing information on great online deals with their friends and peers. In addition 35% say that people come to them for fashion advice.


Published August 11, 2015 by Finweek.

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