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How a dual subscriber and audience data strategy can help publishers thrive

With consumer privacy front-and-center, publishers have an opportunity to take back control of their data, their audiences, and their revenues. As the gatekeepers of the customer relationship, publishers are responsible for gaining user consent, which in turn gives them access to (and the power of) first and zero party data, which with options for contextual targeting, cohort modeling, and subscriptions, offers an array of options to power audience addressability. However, knowing how to balance these options to yield the best results will be critical.

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The collection of more first and zero-party data is a core element of audience addressability and will fuel audience strategy in 2 key ways: 1) it provides valuable insights into your owned audience that can be used to serve more relevant ads, content and offers. 2) By modeling audiences based on that accurate first and zero-party data, it provides a blueprint to find more of those audiences and further optimize the user experience.


  • What’s happening in audience addressability and how we got here.
  • What publishers should be doing to safeguard audience strategy.
  • What are publishers, agencies & vendors – such as Arena HoldingsUM WorldwideNarratiive and Carbon – prioritizing over the next 6-12 months?

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