Interests in personal finance and careers

January 2021 saw strong growth in overall traffic with interests focused on personal finance and careers. This is in line with a seasonal increase in traffic, as people return to work after the December holidays. However, this increase was off a high base from record December traffic. Month on month, January saw a 16% growth in PVs while year on year there was a 4% increase in PVs.

Personal Finance and Careers interests saw the largest month-on-month traffic growth in South Africa this January (2021). This is due to South Africans headed back to work after the festive season.

Regional Lead at Narratiive SA, Greg Mason, says this is because people are focused on “managing their finances better.” As well as looking for “new beginnings in the new year.”

Experts say that the high cost of living and squeezed consumer budgets has affected South Africans negatively.

“incomes have been impacted by low economic growth and unemployment.” Says Daniel Roets the head of Debt Rescue

Moneyweb interview

This has also worsened by the lockdown which aimed at reducing the spread of covid-19.

Eyewitness News (EWN) says four out of ten South Africans who should be working, remain jobless. This is due to over two million jobs lost in 2020.

Both of these reasons contribute to the high interest in personal finance and careers by South Africans online.

Overall, Narratiive saw high traffic growth in January, coming off a strong base from record December traffic.

YoY Growth for Unique Browsers and Page Visits
MoM Growth for Unique Browsers and Page Visits

January saw a 16% month-on-month and 4% year-on-year growth. This is also in line with seasonal increase in traffic during this time of the year.

Interest traffic heavy on mobile for South Africans in January

Most of the traffic for January came from mobile devices with 85% compared to 68% during the same time in 2019. This speaks to the change in audience behavior when it comes to devices and the push towards digital and tech throughout 2020.

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