Front End Developer (React) Role in Melbourne Office

Frontend Developer – React

Narratiive is an audience measurement company with a highly interactive dashboard that allows Publishers, Agencies and Brands to explore audience data in real-time. We are the official audience measurement currency for the Middle East & Africa and work with our remote teams in these countries from  a spacious office in the heart of the Melbourne CBD on Bank Place (directly opposite the Mitre Tavern).

We measure over 7 billion events per month across 650m profiles and make this information available to our clients to slice-and-dice using our interactive Query Builder. This interactivity is powered by cutting edge big-data techniques and an engine called Druid.

You can check it out yourself at

Our stack has been re-built in the past 24 months from the ground up inside Amazon Web Services (AWS) using the following technologies and tools (no legacy code!):

Backend – Python, Scala, Spark, EMR, Druid, Athena, Kinesis

Frontend –  ES6, React, Redux, Webpack, Sass

Workflow – Github, Buildkite, CI/CD, Docker, Feature Flags

Narratiive is on the hunt for a Frontend Developer capable of contributing to our React codebase to help build out the interactive querying capabilities of our innovative frontend dashboard (think Trello meets Keynote for Big Data).

We know React developers in Melbourne are in high demand, and support our Engineering team accordingly with the best environment we can while challenging them to grow, develop and invest in their own skills.

If we don’t say so ourselves, we think we are building an extremely cool tool that is elegant, beautifully designed and abstracts to the user the huge complexity going on under the good to produce such interactive results in real-time.

Our core values are trust and simplicity – we work to trust each other, we work to instill trust in us by our our clients that rely on our data to support millions of dollars of media spend, and we value simplicity in everything we do.

Salary & Benefits

Everything’s negotiable. We don’t mind paying for people who can move the needle, but strive to offer a lot of additional benefits; a cool office, a great work environment, trust in each other and flexibility as required.

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