emPower Celebrates One Year Supporting Publishers

In the 12 months since we launched emPower, 60 publishers and over 540 websites have earned monthly revenue through the data co-operative program.





We created the emPower program in October 2015 to help publishers monetise their data. Programmatic advertising was on the rise in the Middle East and Africa, and emPower was our solution to help publishers take advantage of it.


emPower works by collecting valuable but anonymous audience data from publishers and modelling it into segments that advertisers can purchase. Local and international agencies purchase these segments through our Demand-Side Platform partners including DoubleClick by Google and The Trade Desk. Publishers then earn up to 50% of the revenue made from the sales of the segments.



The program is becoming increasingly popular with local publishers, who see it as a new and passive source of revenue from local and international agencies.


“Havas supports publishers to opt-in to Narratiive’s data contribution model. It’s a win-win for both publishers and clients. Publishers will receive extra revenue, and clients will benefit from more targeted programmatic campaigns.”Havas


For advertisers, emPower provides the best audience data available for the Middle East and Africa. The segments we provide allow advertisers to reach audiences in emerging markets that have previously been hard to target. Some of our most popular segments since launching have been:




To view over 500 segments available through our DSP partners, browse our online taxonomy search tool.


We look forward to growing our publisher network for the emPower program over the next few months. To find out how you can benefit from the emPower program as a publisher, advertiser or agency, contact us at mena@effectivemeasure.com or africa@effectivemeasure.com.