Effective Measure has rebranded to Narratiive

Why are you changing names?

Effective Measure has rebranded to Narratiive to reflect the shifts in the media and publishing industry, and our company’s change in focus and direction. Narratiive’s mission is to grow the media and publishing ecosystem by simplifying advertiser access to verified audiences across local publishers. We want to see local publishing thrive, because local context matters.

What does the new name and logo represent?

We chose the name ‘Narratiive’ because audience insights are only useful when they are meaningful and tell a story. Narratiive helps our customers do just this, and stand out from the crowd.

The elephant, incorporated into our new logo, is a symbol of strength and power, and is a favourite animal with a lot of our team members.

When is the rebrand happening?

As of Tuesday 15 May 2018, Effective Measure has officially rebranded to Narratiive.

What is changing? What’s not changing?

  • Our global team stay the same – we are dedicated more than ever to helping your business achieve success using valuable audience insights.
  • With the launch of our new Narratiive platform, the existing Narratiive dashboard is being phased out over the coming months. Our team will be in contact with customers to support them in transitioning to the new Narratiive audience measurement platform. Read more about the Narratiive dashboard here.
  • Any email sent to our previous ‘@effectivemeasure.com’ email will be redirected automatically.

How do I try Narratiive’s new audience measurement platform?

Narratiive is available for free. Try it out for yourself at narratiive.com.