Ecommerce in Levant – 2017

Ecommerce in Levant

Online shopping is growing in Levant. In this report, we share the who, why and how of ecommerce in the region. 

Shopping online is gaining popularity in emerging markets because of its convenience and accessibility. We answered a few key questions about eCommerce in Levant, including:

  • what people are buying,
  • how often they browse and shop,
  • what device they use,
  • why they shop online
  • what stops them from from shopping online, and
  • their preferred method of paying.

 We’ve also included a few tips along the way to help you use this data to make informed changes to improve your eCommerce website. Similar to GCC, one of the key friction points in this region is online payments, with 83% of the people we surveyed preferring Cash On Delivery. Retailers should seek to build trust with online shoppers with strong security processes and clear communication throughout the buying process.

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This report is collated from 2,669 respondents who completed Narratiive’s eCommerce survey online in Levant from Nov 2016 – Jan 2017. The Levant countries include Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, and Syria.

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